Natural Dried Grass and Natural Dried Grass Pellets

New from Baillie Haylage – Baillie Grass Dried Grass

A completely natural feed with no additives, it’s just grass!

Why not make feeding your horse or pony simple – the natural way.   Simply choose the energy level Baillie Haylage your horse or pony requires, and if they need a little more ‘oompfh’, feed them our new dried grass or dried grass pellets.

No more starchy concentrate feeds which create digestive and behavioural problems – Healthy Feed for the Healthy Horse, a Natural Complete Diet.

Baillie Haylage and Baillie Dried Grass products suggested diet

Approx Weight/ heightApprox haylage
(kg per day)
Light work
(Grass products)
Medium work
(Grass product)
Hard work
(Grass product)
150 – 200kg- 12.2hh5 kg0.5kg1 kg2 kg
250 – 300kg- 13.2hh7 kg1 kg2 kg3 kg
350 – 400kg- 14.2hh9 kg1 kg2 kg3 kg
450 – 500kg- 15.2hh12 kg1 kg2 kg5 kg
550 – 600kg- 16.2hh15 kg1 kg3 kg5 kg
650 + 16.2hh +17 kg 2 kg3 kg5 kg


Dried Grass
Dried Grass

When Feeding Natural Dried Grass Products reduce equivalent kg from daily haylage intake

1 Stubbs scoop= 2kg grass pellets
1 heaped Stubbs scoop = 500g natural dried grass

This is an approximate guide.  All horses are individuals and amounts may be adjusted dependant on body condition, workload and grazing available.

Suggested diet for a 500kg horse in medium work 12-10kg of Baillie Haylage ryegrass and timothy mix – up to 1 scoop of grass nuts or up to 4 scoops of natural dried grass.

Baillie Grass products can be fed dry, damp or soaked.   Introduce Baillie Grass products gradually to your horses diet, ensure fresh water is always available.