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Baillie Haylage and Broadfeed

With members of our Broadfeed team able to reel off back-of the-bale Baillie info in perfectly punctuated prose by Wednesday last week, we thought it was about time to build on our knowledge and share it with you all…

Ironically the most dominant form of vegetation on the Planet, growing good grass for haylage is a science, especially given our ever-changing demands and persistence for high quality forage for our horses. Haylage production is an integrated system, bringing together numerous cultivation factors from preparation of the growth medium to the time of cutting. In order to push the boundaries in terms of haylage quality, it is imperative that excellence of all operations is maintained to prevent jeopardising the overall product.

Once cut earlier in the growing season when the grass was perhaps too lush for horses with lower sugar and energy requirements, haylage has been widely side-stepped by those with horses prone to laminitis, those at rest or with a reduced workload. Along with other haylage companies, Baillie have battled to banish this widely regarded view held by many in the horse world, proving to them that it won’t turn their lead rein pony loopy OR laminitic!

Operated as a family business from their 1,400 acre farm in Lincolnshire, Baillie’s agricultural operation- solely aimed at the Equestrian market- is a well-oiled machine, utilising the best in the business in terms of Agronomists and Equine advisors. We agreed that the introduction of Baillie High Fibre Haylage was the preferred method of sowing the seeds for the company at our Tunbridge Wells Superstore, and we are delighted that it has paid off!

The suitability of Baillie’s High Fibre Haylage for such diets is the culmination of two carefully considered sugar, protein and energy governing factors. The relationship between grass variety and cutting time is crucial to its’ suitability for those animals convalescing, at rest or prone to laminitis. The palatable Ryegrass which constitutes the High Fibre variety is left to mature before cutting, allowing the sugar content to tail-off whilst naturally increasing in fibre as the lignification process takes hold (hence the high Digestible Fibre value). Baillie’s High Fibre haylage has a typical sugar content of 4-7% of dry matter, whereas higher energy Ryegrass options typically contain 8-10%.

The very respectable 70-80% Dry Matter (DM) value across all of Baillie’s haylage varieties is great for you and your horse. A higher DM value ensures you are paying for more haylage and less water- an economical advantage which is good news for many horse owners, especially at this time of year! In terms of Equine benefits, your horses’ daily fibre intake is more likely to be met and perhaps more importantly the chances of secondary fermentation are much reduced, rendering the product a safer option than haylage with a lower value. Crucially, the primary fermentation process remains uninhibited, which is vital in preventing the development and spread of fungal spores.

Due to the success of Baillie High Fibre Haylage at our Royal Tunbridge Wells Superstore, we have recently welcomed two exciting new additions to our Baillie range! Baillie Dried Grass and Baillie Grass Pellets are now pride of place in our warehouse, and are available both in-store and online.

For more information on our Baillie range just give us a call (01892 532 619), message us on Facebook- or even visit us in-store…

We hope you are enjoying the first week of Spring!

All the best;

The Broadfeed Team





Meadow grass haylage

now available in the Small ‘Handy’ bales

Meadow grass haylage from Baillie Haylage is lower energy, a very soft palatable haylage, ideal for older horses, fussy eaters and due to the low sugar suitable for Laminitics- Order yours now ! Or check for your local stockist on the stockists page

Meadow Grass Haylage from Baillie Haylage - medium to low energy

New Baillie ‘Handy’ bale Haylage now in Meadow grass

Meadow Grass Haylage - part of the range of Haylage including High Energy to Low Energy.  Haylage for all horses and ponies

The complete range of Baillie Haylage ‘Handy’ bales




****** NEW PRODUCT*******
Available at your local stockist of Baillie Haylage very soon.
A completely natural feed with no additives its just grass ! Flash dried straight from the field to lock in all the goodness.
Why not make feeding your horse or pony simple- the natural way, simply choose the energy level Baillie Haylage your horse or pony require, and if they need a little more oompfh! Feed the dried grass or pellets, no more starchy concentrate feeds which create digestive and behavioural problems – Healthy Feed for the Healthy Horse, a Natural Complete Diet.


Baillie Grass Natural Grass Pellets


Baillie Grass Natural Dried Grass





First Cut Finished, a trip to Royal Norfolk Show

The team at Baillie Haylage have finished our first cut of haylage, a very successful harvest. Waiting for the grass to grow to start second cut in a few weeks.

Robert, Nicola and Neil are setting off to set the stand up at the Royal Norfolk show 1st-2nd July, so please come and say hello, we have samples of all our haylage for you to take away, and it will be our first show to promote our new Natural Dried Grass Products. Which we are looking forward to telling you all about.



Baillie Haylage Harvest 2015

We are getting ready for our haylage harvest for 2015,  all the machinery has been serviced, Robert has been out cutting grass, and the weather forecast looks good. This weekend will be a busy one for all the Baillie Haylage team.

With lots of new stockists of our ‘Handy’ bales across the country, they are perfect for the competition season being compact and easy to handle, ideal for putting in the horse box or trailer. If your local feed shop doesn’t stock Baillie Haylage ask them to get in touch with us.

Lots of new and exciting ideas are being developed at Baillie Haylage HQ….. watch this space for more information !

New stockist and news

We are pleased to announce a new stockist of Baillie Haylage Handy bales. Field Farm Feeds.Thornton Road, Goxhill DN19 7LW.

Getting ready for BETA at Birmingham next weekend. Looking forward to meeting customers old and new! Georgina is back from Australia but is currently in Wales!!

We are finding that with these cold frosty mornings that the horses are eating more!

Winter weather

Horses and ponies are certainly eating more now that the weather is colder. Charlie is getting into the swing of delivering, and is mastering the little manitou forklift. We are making up lots of pallets of the new handy bale, which as well as being available from us, is being sold through feedmerchants. The medium to low energy High Fibre is especially popular. Anticipating very cold weather at the end of this week. Getting ready for the BETA exhibition at the NEC

New stockist

We are pleased to announce another new stockist of Baillie Haylage. Sellors Ltd in Calverton, Notts NG14 6FN. They are stocking High Fibre and Ryegrass and Timothy Mix haylage.

Back to work after a hectic Christmas and now getting ready for the BETA show at Birmingham NEC in February

New Stockist and Christmas Greetings

We are pleased to announce a new stockist of Baillie Haylage ‘handy’ Small bales. This is Sellors Ltd at Calverton Notts NG14 6FN They are stocking high Fibre Haylage and Ryegrass and Timothy Mix Haylage. Christmas Greetings to all our customers

Christmas closing

christmas is only 2 weeks away. we are closed from 24th December and do not open again until 5th January 2015. Anyone wanting haylage early in January would be advised to get an order in quite quickly to assure delivery!!

Tomas goes back to Lithuania on the 18th December. Charlie starts tomorrow, but we are not sure if he will be able to get back to lincolnshire from a scottish island!! The weather in scotland sounds horrific

New stockist

You can now buy Baillie Haylage from Buckets in Louth (17 Station Industrial Estate LN11 0JT) and Wroxham Saddlery at Hoveton, Norwich NR12 8UG

This week

Georgie is in Australia. In the sun. looking at dead whales on the beach and waiting for the sharks to eat it!! Nigel retires this week and Geoff joins us on wednesday- Geoff is our new driver!

Really busy week for Geoff as haylage is now very much in demand. We are sure he will manage!


Georgie has taken the summer weather with her and has flown away to Australia for 3 months holiday!! The ‘oldies’ left in the office are going to have to learn  social media skills. Could be tricky!!  We are all very envious of her and hope she enjoys a well earned rest!

New Stockist

Baillie Haylage handy bales are on their way to New Walsham saddlery in Masham, near Norwich. They will be stocking High Fibre and Ryegrass and timothy


Nigel,  our retiring driver,and his wife enjoyed supper at the Brackenborough Arms on friday. He was presented with a garden bench, and a picture of all the haylage making machinery! 37 years is a long time to have worked for Robert Baillie!

Well done to James Given for his saturday success!

Harvest Supper and Nigel’s retirement party

After 37 years with Baillies, Nigel our jolly chatty delivery driver is retiring, so to celebrate the Baillie Haylage team are going out for a harvest supper celebration. We would like to wish him a very happy retirement, see him in action on the haylage making video




Rain Rain go away !!

The weather has finally turned, and the rain gauge is filling here at Baillie Haylage HQ.

Customers bringing their horses in over night don’t forget to order your haylage, we can now cater for the one horse owner with our new ‘Handy’ bales.  With stockists around Lincolnshire, or for larger orders contact the office on 01472 398696

If your local feed merchant doesn’t stock Baillie Haylage, ask them to get in touch to become a stockist

Oss-i-chaff -New Stockist

Oss-I-chaff Ltd will now be stocking our small handy haylage bales.

They are located Newark, Nottinghamshire.

Please visit their website – or call 01636 821255 for more details.