Our Haylage products


Haylage Varieties

At Baillie Haylage, we produce 4 varieties of Haylage:

  • Ryegrass – Medium to high energy with very good palatability
  • Ryegrass + Timothy – Medium energy with improved palatability
  • High Fibre or Meadow Grass – Medium to low energy with improved palatability
  • Meadow Grass – Medium to low energy, softer texture for improved palatability

See below for a typical analysis of each variety of haylage, click the panels to enlarge.

Baillie Haylage has been awarded BETA NOPS + FEMAS Certification.   This scheme minimises the risk of contamination from naturally occurring prohibited substances in feed.

A banned substance can lead to a positive test which could result in disqualification.

Our new Handy bale size now available in our 4 varieties of Haylage

Baillie Haylage Stockists

We have a growing number of retail stockists all over the UK stocking our handy bags.   Each stockist has valuable knowledge about our products and will be able to help you choose a variety to suit your horse or pony.

Bale Sizes

Baillie Haylage is available in 3 different sized bales to suit all horse owners – Handy, Medium and Large.

The average horse (16hh) will eat approximately 8-10kg of haylage per day.

  • A Large bale will feed 3 horses for up to a week
  • A Medium bale will feed 2 horses for up to a week
  • A Handy bale will feed 1 horse for 2 days

Our large bales are square, and they dismantle in ‘flakes’ making it easier to quantify feeding.  

Baillie Haylage can supply you 12 months of the year with the correct energy levels to suit your horse.

Ryegrass is a medium to high energy haylage with very good palatibility.

Suitable for competition horses.

Ryegrass + Timothy is a medium energy haylage with improved palatibility.

Suitable for horses in medium work.

High Fibre is a medium to low energy haylage.

Suitable for horses in light to medium work, good or poor doers and some laminitics.

Meadow Grass is a medium to low energy haylage with a softer texture which is suitable for older horses, convalescents, fussy eaters and some laminitics.

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