Analysed, fully traceable and quality assured - giving you peace of mind.

Baillie Haylage has been an accredited member of the BETA NOPS and FEMAS schemes since 2018

The BETA NOPS scheme aims to minimise the risk of contamination from Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances in feed. The British Equestrian Trade Association introduced the BETA NOPS code in response to the increased positive dope tests in racehorses and calls for its members to evaluate the risk of NOPS contamination during each step of the manufacturing process. This includes the growing, storage, transport and actual processing. From top level sports horses to a child's pony, our customers can feed with confidence knowing that their haylage has been through a stringent quality management process.

Benefits To You

100% grass forage
No additives or preservatives
Analysed, batch coded & fully traceable
BETA NOPS & FEMAS accredited supplier
Quality control and service throughout


This certification offers a reassurance to horse owners of the stringent quality management procedures that are integral to Baillie Haylage. To maintain a member of this scheme, Baillie Haylage follows strict guidelines and is audited on a regular basis by both FEMAS and BETA NOPS to ensure the requirements are consistently met.

Why Baillie Haylage?

We deliver our haylage to customers throughout the UK using our own vehicles, and our drivers are very experienced and helpful. Our vehicles are fitted with their own forklift to delivery haylage quickly and efficiently.

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Consistency and quality of this haylage is second to none.

My Dartmoor Hill Pony has been on Traditional Parkland Meadow haylage for nearly two years now. She suffers from EMS and is prone to laminitis. Since changing from hay (even soaked hay!) to this product she has not had a laminitic episode for 2 years. Consistency and quality of this haylage is second to none. Thank you for providing such an excellent product.

Caroline & Bonnie, Gloucestershire

The most delicious stuff since grass was invented!

Just like to say thanks for producing what can only be described by all my sheep and horses as the most delicious stuff since grass was invented. My ewes/Lambs and Rams are all treated to a large amount on a daily basis especially since lambing and my horses also get it mixed in with their hay, and if they could all speak they'd say far far far nicer than other big brand, so thanks from one happy animal owner and 22 haylage munching animals.

Isobel Ashcroft

Really capable and genuinely nice too!

Just to say the driver this morning is a credit to the company. Super on the forklift, navigated round our straw bales with mm to spare and stacked the haylage perfectly. Kindly turned the forklift off and waited patiently a couple of minutes for a vetting to finish on the concrete by the hay barn. Always grateful when someone turns up who is really capable and genuinely nice too.

Sam Hobbs Eventing - Leicestershire

The quality is always fantastic.

I have used Baillie haylage for many years, specifically the High Fibre or Meadow Grass handy bales. We opt for a medium to low energy haylage as my 4* eventer is very highly strung, an extremely fussy eater and can struggle with the dust element of hay. The quality is always fantastic and never changeable from the first bale to the last. Kellypsa has never looked as well and held her weight as well as when she does on the High Fibre handy bales. As the energy level of the haylage never fluctuates, it also makes it much easier to carefully monitor energy levels through hard feed where required.

Sammy Oliver – Market Rasen

Marvellous Product!

We have three horses that we have had from youngsters and are now approaching their twenties. Now, finally, to everyone's relief, the temperature warms, the rain slows and the sun shines (a bit) and I would like to thank your team for Baillie Haylage High Fibre. I have used this haylage for my three hairy cobs, Billy, Ben and Connie, throughout the Winter. Billy has developed an unfortunate allergy to hay and pollen and he becomes quite ill if he eats a large amount of hay. Ben, on the other hand, will eat ANYTHING but puts on weight eating NOTHING. I searched for a product to suit them all, as they are all together, mostly out 24/7 and discovered Baillie Haylage High Fibre. This obviously suits Billy but also does not pile on the pounds for Ben. All three horses have done so well on this haylage and look great and are very happy. The haylage is consistently of excellent quality and it suits my ponies.

Sheenagh Pearson - Shropshire

The support and service are fantastic.

Team Sheepgate have been using Baillie Haylage for a number of years, the quality, support and service are fantastic and our horses look and feel great fed on it all year round.

Sheepgate Equestrian – Boston

The horses love it.

We have used Baillie Haylage for many years. The horses love it and from our point of view it keeps them looking very well and mentally in good order. The haylage is always great consistent quality and the team at Baillie Haylage is always very helpful.

Malcolm & Judy Pyrah - Nottingham

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Keeping horses feeling and looking well, whilst providing just the right energy for work is a balancing act. We are always happy to discuss any aspect of your horses diet and management, helping you to select which haylage type is best for your horse.

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      We can deliver to addresses across the UK.

      We do not share your data with any 3rd party.

      We can deliver to addresses across the UK. We do not share your data with any 3rd party.

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      We can deliver to addresses across the UK.

      We do not share your data with any 3rd party.

      We can deliver to addresses across the UK. We do not share your data with any 3rd party.

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