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How Much Haylage To Feed A Horse Or Pony - Baillie Haylage Feeding Guides

These Baillie Haylage Feeding Guides are what we hope to be a comprehensive series of charts.
Here you can find:
-Your horse's/pony's workload

-The breed and approximate height

-Approximate weight

-The relative guide on how much Baillie Haylage you should be feeding.

Sophie Wells OBE On 'Preparing For The Season Ahead'

Baillie Haylage headed over to Sophie’s HQ and met up with her and the handsome Jorge.
Sophie very kindly gave Baillie Haylage some inside tips to help you prepare for the season ahead.

A Basic Forage Feeding Guide

A basic forage feeding guide to suit your horses needs.

Feeding Horses Throughout Summer

Here's what to consider when adapting feeding routines to Summer conditions.

Meet the experts - Fred and Rowena Cook

An interview with Fred and Rowena Cook who own and run Equine Management and Training Rehoming Racehorses – A Life After Racing

The Winter to Spring Transitional Feeding Guide

Advice on how to adapt feeding routines from Winter to Spring


Baillie Haylage have partnered up with the Equine Nutrition experts at Bishop Burton College to provide horse owners with quality feeding advice.

Managing Laminitis

Our nutrition expert explains best practices on how to manage Laminitis without impacting the digestive system.

Feeding Haylage to Laminitic Horses

What haylage is suitable for laminitcs? Can haylage cause laminitis? We’ve asked our nutrition expert from Bishop Burton College to answer common questions on Laminitis and explain the importance of forage to minimise Laminitis.


Our Equine Nutrition Expert talks to us about colic, how to prevent it and how to spot the signs for it.

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Keeping horses feeling and looking well, whilst providing just the right energy for work is a balancing act. We are always happy to discuss any aspect of your horses diet and management, helping you to select which haylage type is best for your horse.

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