Baillie Haylage can deliver large and small loads nationwide, using our own delivery vehicles.

Bales are delivered on pallets and are shrink wrapped for protection.

Our rigid lorries are equipped with the latest ride-on forklifts. The driver is able to unload without any assistance using these forklifts in a very short space of time. The use of these forklifts is free of charge.

All of our drivers are very experienced and helpful, and will do their best to meet your requirements when delivering your Haylage.

Our Large bales are delivered with 6 bales per pallet, our Medium bales have 8 to a pallet, and our new Handy bales have up to 40 to a pallet.  We can deliver haylage direct to your location, and off load it from our vehicle using our on-board forklift truck.

To arrange a delivery of Haylage, please contact Baillie Haylage on:
01472 398696

Our delivery lorries, complete with on-board forklift
40 x Handy bales

The handy bale will feed 1 horse for approximately 2 days

8 x Medium bales

The medium bale will feed 2 horses for approximately 1 week

6 x Large bales

The large bale will feed 3 horses for approximately 1 week


The average horse will eat 8-10kg of haylage per day.

Our medium and large bales are square, they dismantle in flakes making it easier to quantify feeding.   Baillie Haylage can supply you twelve months of the year with correct energy levels to suit your horse.