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An interview with Fred and Rowena Cook who own and run Equine Management and Training Rehoming Racehorses – A Life After Racing

Owned and run by Fred and Rowena Cook, Equine Management and Training [E.M.T.] provides a complete and very thorough specialist, individual management and training service for the equestrian world. 

Whether a horse is sent for training purposes or illness/injury care and the necessary consequential rehabilitation, every aspect of it's physiological, psychological and physical welfare is thoroughly assessed. This means that the most appropriate, progressive rehabilitative/training programme for the individual can be implemented. With meticulous attention to the most minute of details which many would view as inconsequential, literally anything and everything is picked up which may impact on a horse’s health and well-being and affect its ability and willingness to perform. 

Philosophy to train horses

The E.M.T.  philosophy is to train horses in such a way that they really enjoy what they are doing. A cheeky horse is a happy horse but a horse demonstrating  negative behaviour/s is trying to say something is wrong.

E.M.T. ensure that a horse is not only physically ready and able to do what is asked of it but that it is actually mentally capable of coping too.  Allowing time for mental development or acceptance is just as important as the physical aspects of training.

Originally backing and schooling were the base services but soon focus was directed to rehab work. E.M.T. saw more and more poorly performing horses the cause of which were often unaddressed and/or unrecognised physical issues. Rehab is an extremely vast but fascinating area of work; nothing is more rewarding than peeling back the layers and getting to the root cause of why a horse is not performing/behaving as it should.

Understanding the equine anatomy

Understanding the equine anatomy, analysing the biomechanics of a horse, its conformation and posture is not only fascinating but of course vital in accurate assessments. Individual foot placements, limb loading and muscling [e.g. atrophic, hypertonic, asymmetric, etc.] are all indicators of how correctly strong and conditioned a horse is, or is not, for its particular job.  In essence training horses is not just about teaching what is required for a given discipline but attending to the myriad of elements that all factor in to produce a fit, healthy, athletic horse. 

E.M.T. are involved in product research and development as well as various studies which ensures they remain at the forefront of advances across the equestrian industry and in a position to provide constructive help and advice.   And being aware that not everyone is able to send their horse for a period of assessment and training, E.M.T. have a Consultancy service which is used not just by clients in the UK but also from around the world. 

The vast knowledge, experience and understanding that E.M.T. have of all aspects of the thoroughbred, its management and training is unquestionable so they are very well-placed to work with horses in training or heading into training. Horses are strengthened and conditioned in a way that does not resemble the recognised pre-training methods but sees them better able to cope with the rigours that racing imparts. 

Giving something back

Although not wanting to gain Charity status, RR is run on very similar lines to how the well-known ex-racehorse Charities operate in that no horses are ever sold nor can they be passed on without the pre-approval of RR and age and weight restrictions apply.  There are also stipulations with regards to locations within the country and the actual yards horses at which horses will be kept. Whilst an intake donation does have to be paid, RR is primarily funded by the success of E.M.T; contrary to popular belief it does not receive any industry funding.   RR is sometimes criticised for being too particular but is more than happy to accept this.  

More information with regards to Equine Management and Training can be found at and Rehoming Racehorses at Or of course either can be contacted by email [ or] or by  telephone  01780-740773 if you would like to know more about how we can help you but more importantly your horse. this led to other trainers and owners sending horses including Shadwell Stud who specifically liked both the training ethos as well as the unique and thorough rehoming program Fred and Rowena have adopted.    Subsequently "Rehoming Racehorses – A Life After Racing", which is a non-profit organisation funded primarily funded by the success of Equine Management and Training, was born.  

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